close call

Moving a Van WIN!

animated BAMF close call gifs train - 6399491584
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skateboarding car close call Video win lucky - 225799

The Online Thing Better Than Landing Your Trick is Nailing a Life-Saving Reaction Afterwards

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Tight Fit!

gifs cars close call - 8295284224
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close call nice catch camera drones Video - 70452481

Close Call of the Day: Guy Catches Drone Before it Lands In the Ocean

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balance close call BAMF vertigo Video - 59710977

This Incredible Unicycler Almost Doesn't Survive His Latest Stunt

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jump ocean close call Video win daredevil - 82837761

Hold Your Breath While Watching This Jumping Daredevil's Close Call

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bullet close call Video window - 34732801

Life-Saving Window WIN

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Nice Save!

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Extreme Brakes in Practice

yikes gifs close call brakes trucks - 6999747072
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BAMF close call gifs slack line - 8123306496
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This Driver Probably Needs New Underwear After This Close Call

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Meant to do That? Meant to do That.

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Recovery WIN

gifs sports nice save close call scooter recovery - 6855197184
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Heads Up WIN

bathroom close call mistake sign stop sign - 5912747776
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close call deer Video - 58509825

This Deer Was Really Close to Having a No Good Very Bad Day

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This Little Coincidence Saved a Lot of Money in Repairs

cars close call coincidence - 7947005184
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