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Anderson Cooper Perfectly Shuts Down Someone Begging for a Selfie

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Business Card WIN

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By jh06ph

Never Start a Beef With a Sign-Making Company. They Learned the Hard Way.

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Sick Burn WIN

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Sochi 2014 Video burn - 58706689

Matt Lauer Takes a Deliciously Good Pot Shot Against Bob Costas's Unfortunate Sochi Situation

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Yes, Your License Photo Looks Terrible - by Design!

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A Reporter in Ferguson Unloads on a Cable News Demagogue

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Sports Reporting WIN

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On-Air Blooper news BAMF Video burn - 69332993

Reaction of the Day: Lebanese TV Host Silences Sexist Sheikh After He Tells Her to ‘Shut Up’

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Burn Education

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Website That Lets You Send Anyone Edible ‘Bag of Dicks’ To Enjoy.

Epic win prank bag of dicks that are edible.
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twitter list troll burn - 853765

Tesco Mobile's Ruthless Twitter Account Is Burning Everyone Who Dares to Disrespect

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Ride 'em, Cowboy

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Sick Burn WIN

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When You Ask Obvious Questions, You'll Get an Obvious Answer

funny social media image Tennents Lager gives amazing response to tweet
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Smug Note, Meet Smug-er Note

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