Time to raise the bar. If you walk the straight and narrow, and can toe that line on the bar, then maybe these straight-laced puns are for you to. So grab a pint and celebrate, but make sure you stay the course.

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Trick Your Friends with Another Round of Amazing Bets You Can't Lose

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The American Way WIN

america bar beer fourth of july independence day merica sign - 6360632576
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Pub Tricks WIN

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Stop Me If You've Seen This Before: a Policeman and a Horse Walk into a Bar...

funny animal image a policeman and horse walk into a bar IRL
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The Truth

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Everyone Should Want Their Friends to Celebrate Them After They Die With a Sing-A-Long Like This One

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Store Sign WIN

bar chalk sign food nerdgasm Pokémon sign tacos - 6346164992
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Birth Control WIN

bar dating sign troofax true facts - 6424152576
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Soup of the Day WIN

bar business clever Conan the Barbarian restaurant sign soup - 5286095360
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One Way Ticket To Margaritaville

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See You In Class

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Bar Name WIN

alcohol awesome at work bar fight club movie reference - 4561747456
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Bar Tricks WIN

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A Horse Walks Into A Bar

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alcohol bar drinking life lessons marquee - 4147310592
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I'd Like To Butter Your Toast

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