bad idea

bad idea DIY Video g rated win - 65334529

Redneck Engineering: It's Not Dumb if it Works

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russia bad idea fire stunt whee Video g rated win - 68659713

A Flaming Stuntman Takes a Dive into a Snowbank in (You Guessed it) Russia

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The Regular ol' Tour of Louisiana's Swamps Features a Dude Feeding the Gators. No Biggie.

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I Like Where This is Going...

bad idea juxtaposition sign monkey tank g rated win - 8340098816
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A Knife, a Drill, and a Cucumber: It Goes Better Than Expected!

gif drill bad idea cucumber knife funny - 7670858752
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This Fireworks Show is Going to be AWESOME

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Don't Touch the Beer

guns beer bad idea funny - 8120794624
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These Are Easily The Craziest, Dumbest Daredevils to Ever Get Captured on Film

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bad idea fire DIY dangerous Video - 59950081

How to Breathe Fire Like a Dragon Using Household Items

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Hacked IRL: Just Give it a Test Fit

bad idea cleaning electricity graffiti hacked irl nope - 5587017728
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dancing alligator bad idea Video g rated win - 70859777

Give Those Gators the Time of Their Lives With Some Dirty Dancing!

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Target is Really Just Asking for it

bad idea urinal Target - 7970341376
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Don't Look Down, That's Just a Group of Slackline Pros Making Camp in the Sky

bad idea tightrope camping vertigo - 8399714304
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bad idea cars Video superman - 61457921

This Superman Stunt is Incredibly Dangerous, but Try Not to Giggle

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bad idea soccer Video - 56891393

Do Not Try This at Home: Cannon-Assisted Soccer Practice

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bad idea cars Wait For It truck Video - 71359233

There is No Way This Car Can Drive on Flimsy Planks to Board a Ship

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