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Pack it Up, We're Done With Junk Food Now: The Dude Foods Mac and Cheese Bacon Weave Taco

bad idea tacos food bacon g rated win - 8093423872
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bad idea cars Wait For It truck Video - 71359233

There is No Way This Car Can Drive on Flimsy Planks to Board a Ship

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This Fireworks Show is Going to be AWESOME

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bad idea soap Video microwave - 69233921

Ivory Soap + Microwave = Alien Birth

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Would You be Insane Enough to Go for It?

bad idea skateboarding whee water slide - 8054141952
Created by Unknown
bad idea science pretty colors Video g rated win - 69046785

You Should Never Put Grapes in the Microwave Like This, but if You Do...

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bad idea cars Video superman - 61457921

This Superman Stunt is Incredibly Dangerous, but Try Not to Giggle

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They Don't Call it "The Wall of Death" for Nothing...

BAMF cars bad idea gifs - 8306981376
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Bad Idea WIN

bad idea camera dangerous g rated tornado tweet win - 6069742080
Created by Unknown
mall bad idea whee bike Video g rated win - 69565953

Driving Through the Mall is a Total Jerk Move, But it Looks Fun as Heck

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russia bad idea fire stunt whee Video g rated win - 68659713

A Flaming Stuntman Takes a Dive into a Snowbank in (You Guessed it) Russia

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That Takes Real Guts

bad idea weeping angels doctor who - 8422951680
Via DoctorWhumour
bad idea soccer Video - 56891393

Do Not Try This at Home: Cannon-Assisted Soccer Practice

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Target is Really Just Asking for it

bad idea urinal Target - 7970341376
Via Reddit
bad idea ice skating chainsaw Video g rated win - 69867777

Chainsaw Skating: Only a Little a Lot Dangerous

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bad idea Lord of the Rings gandalf prank train Video - 57117185

This Train Shall Not Pass

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