bad idea

bad idea Lord of the Rings gandalf prank train Video - 57117185

This Train Shall Not Pass

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Don't Look Down, That's Just a Group of Slackline Pros Making Camp in the Sky

bad idea tightrope camping vertigo - 8399714304
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bad idea whee bike Video childhood enhanced - 70434561

Riding Trikes Down the World's Steepest Street, Because We're All Still 12 on the Inside

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bad idea soccer Video - 56891393

Do Not Try This at Home: Cannon-Assisted Soccer Practice

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bad idea vertigo Video g rated win - 63470849

These Are Easily The Craziest, Dumbest Daredevils to Ever Get Captured on Film

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bad idea cars Video superman - 61457921

This Superman Stunt is Incredibly Dangerous, but Try Not to Giggle

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This Fireworks Show is Going to be AWESOME

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Pack it Up, We're Done With Junk Food Now: The Dude Foods Mac and Cheese Bacon Weave Taco

bad idea tacos food bacon g rated win - 8093423872
Via Dude Foods

Bad Idea WIN

bad idea camera dangerous g rated tornado tweet win - 6069742080
By Unknown
bad idea bike dangerous Video - 58250753

Truly Insane Bike Riders in Budapest Take Their Lives into Their Own Hands

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I Like Where This is Going...

bad idea juxtaposition sign monkey tank g rated win - 8340098816
Via oPHILcial
bad idea whee Video childhood enhanced - 64850433

There's No Water Left in This Amusement Park, Good Thing We Have These Trikes for the Slides!

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dancing alligator bad idea Video g rated win - 70859777

Give Those Gators the Time of Their Lives With Some Dirty Dancing!

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bad idea science pretty colors Video g rated win - 69046785

You Should Never Put Grapes in the Microwave Like This, but if You Do...

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Hacked IRL: Just Give it a Test Fit

bad idea cleaning electricity graffiti hacked irl nope - 5587017728
By Unknown
alligator bad idea what Video - 61723649

The Regular ol' Tour of Louisiana's Swamps Features a Dude Feeding the Gators. No Biggie.

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