Ugliest Tattoos

portrait tattoos

Your Love is What?

baby tattoos misspelled tattoos portrait tattoos tribute tattoos - 6467923456
By Unknown

Why Do So Many Men Get Tattoos of D!cks?

arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 7120701952
By cawlikeacrow

He Loved the Way She Looked When She Was Angry

leg tattoos portrait tattoos - 6624591104
By Kristin

Here's Johnny!

back tattoos children portrait tattoos - 6581025536
By Unknown

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

tribute tattoos arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 7163465472
By joyloveedwards

Your Mom was Gorgeous, Your Tat Looks Like a Batman Villain

portrait tattoos Nailed It - 6944774656
By chelseathrashtrash

Nailed It!

Babies portrait tattoos lat tats - 7352537088
By Unknown

Hope it Sounds Better Than it Looks

back tattoos portrait tattoos - 7305856256
By a2v

Don't Fear the Reaper

leg tattoos grim reaper portrait tattoos - 7087421440

You Know What Would Make Me More Attractive?

baby back tattoos portrait tattoos - 6708399104
By Unknown

This is What Happens When You Lose a Bet

back tattoos portrait tattoos - 7053451520
By Unknown

Grin and Bear It

arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 6547172352
By Unknown

This Tattoo Can Count to Potato

portrait tattoos derp - 7204245248
By Morgan

Nailed It

face portrait tattoos tribute tattoos - 6477546496
By Unknown

I Am Scribble Jesus!

jesus arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 7175091200
By GeorgiaRose

With You Forever, On Your Stomach

tribute tattoos portrait tattoos lat tats - 7124426496
By kjag
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