Ugliest Tattoos

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Mommy's Little Angel

tribute tattoos angels portrait tattoos - 7132972288
Created by SurCur

R.I.P. 2D Dad

tribute tattoos arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 7127549184
Created by wickidkitty

Nailed It!

Babies portrait tattoos lat tats - 7352537088
Created by Unknown


leg tattoos portrait tattoos thumbs up - 7311297792
Created by j0annaaa

Bieber Rides a Unicorn

arm tattoos unicorns portrait tattoos - 7310259456
Created by Unknown

Hope it Sounds Better Than it Looks

back tattoos portrait tattoos - 7305856256
Created by a2v

It Turns Out That Even the Dates are Wrong!

face portrait tattoos tribute tattoos - 6438872576
Created by Ken Knox

Yo Dawg, I Heard U Like Faces!

face tattoos portrait tattoos - 6773162496
Created by Unknown

And it's Just... Like... Honey

honey portrait tattoos - 6687122176
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

"I'm Melting!"

back tattoos face portrait tattoos tribute tattoos - 6416776448
Created by Unknown

Why Do So Many Men Get Tattoos of D!cks?

arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 7120701952
Created by cawlikeacrow

Here's Johnny!

back tattoos children portrait tattoos - 6581025536
Created by Unknown

I Am Scribble Jesus!

jesus arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 7175091200
Created by GeorgiaRose

She Would Have Wanted it This Way

arm tattoos portrait tattoos tribute tattoos - 6614347008

Hey Kidz! It's Me! Bozo the Clown!

arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 6548658688
Created by Unknown

This Tattoo Can Count to Potato

portrait tattoos derp - 7204245248
Created by Morgan
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