Ugliest Tattoos

face tattoos

If you're not Mike freaking Tyson, just don't get a face tattoo. Just don't. To prove our point, check out everyone who ignored our sage wisdom.

Even the Young Man Behind You is Mocking Your Failure

old man face tattoos - 7077192448
Created by Unknown

WARNING: Do Not Date

face tattoos - 6393533440
Via Reddit

Lawyer, Professor, Presidential Candidate

face tattoos - 6497411584
Created by pivoj_cz

Nice Going, Florida

face tattoos - 6843711744
Created by Unknown

What the Hell Was I Thinking?

face tattoos piercings - 6659097600
Created by hahs

Kai the Hitchhiker: The Saga Continues

face tattoos symbols Ugliest Tattoos - 7117465088

The Human Black Light Poster

face tattoos paw print skulls tiger - 6368486656
Created by Unknown

Those Badass Stars Really Drive Home the Point

face tattoos stars - 5917523200
Created by Jimmie


face tattoos mugshots - 6902936576
Created by Dan Morris

You Get One Guess

face tattoos - 6534773760
Created by Unknown

It's Called 'Blue Waffles'

face tattoos knuckle tattoos - 6345104128
Created by Unknown

If You're Gonna Get Face Tats, at Least Get GOOD Face Tats

knives face tattoos text tattoos - 7349586944
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

Bro Brows

eyebrow tattoos face tattoos - 6320709888
Via Jack Murph

Brazilian Soccer Super Fan

arm tattoos face tattoos soccer - 6436991232
Via Lisa Marie Blueberry

A Stroke of Genius

mug shots face tattoos - 6708472320
Created by Unknown

Mike Tyson Got to You Too?

body modification face tattoos skull - 6368817920
Via bmezine