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If By "Soul" You Mean "Shirt", Then Yes

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By Ross L

You Can Get Certification in That?!?!

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Via WTF Tattoos

Face Fail

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By Unknown

Why Would You Do That to Yourself?

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By Unknown

God, Give Me the Strength to Overcome My Own Stupidity

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By Unknown

What's With the "K"?

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

There Ain't Enough Glue in the World.

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By Veronica Crisafulli

Fail For Forever

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By Amtrakforlovers

Never Trust Rob Again

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By dagirl84

Do You Even Know What You're Doing?

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Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

Here Let Me Try.

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By Unknown

Three Strikes, You're Out

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Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

Say What?

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Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

Is That a Negative-Sixteenth Note?

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By Unknown

Thanks for the Warning

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By augustin11