Ugliest Tattoos

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Gladiator Misquote (Now With Added, Unnecessary Apostrophes!)

quotes misspelled tattoos chest tattoos - 7061766144
By ninebelowzero

If By "Soul" You Mean "Shirt", Then Yes

eyes chest tattoos - 6944739072
By Ross L

Never Trust Rob Again

chest tattoos text tattoos - 7199661312
By dagirl84

Is That a Negative-Sixteenth Note?

chest tattoos - 6573401344
By Unknown

Fail For Forever

chest tattoos misspelled tattoos - 6486022400
By Amtrakforlovers

Awesome Dood!

chest tattoos self shot skulls swastika - 6196072704
By lollatrollalol

The Tattoo That's Scarier Than the Movie

facebook chest tattoos - 6881884160
By Unknown

It's a Jungle Out There

tiger chest tattoos - 6740062720
By milw414

The Tan Lines Make This Tat Unnecessary

country boy chest tattoos - 7240157184
By Ethan Novbourn

God, Give Me the Strength to Overcome My Own Stupidity

chest tattoos Ugliest Tattoos - 6991095552
By Unknown

Emo You Didn't!

heart wings chest tattoos - 7013361152
By 666buttsrule420


portrait tattoos chest tattoos - 6697802752
By Kii

Next Time You Try to Insult People, Check "You're" Grammar

chest tattoos - 6714188800
By MidnightRayne

Gangster Fail

chest tattoos - 6776043776
By milw414


chest tattoos - 6569784064
By Unknown

Today in Unnecessary Tattoos

chest tattoos - 6656945152
By augustin11