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Next Time You Try to Insult People, Check "You're" Grammar

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Created by MidnightRayne

Gangster Fail

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Created by milw414

Say What?

Music chest tattoos - 6696004864
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

What Happened to Thom Yorke's Eye?

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Via Reddit

God, Give Me the Strength to Overcome My Own Stupidity

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Created by Unknown

"That Looks Nothing Like Me"

britney spears chest tattoos gifs - 6434744832
Created by Unknown

That Sure is One Heckuva "Pocalypse"

arm tattoos zombie chest tattoos - 6744740096
Created by charles_n_charge

Thanks for the Warning

chest tattoos flowers - 6675895296
Created by augustin11

Fail For Forever

chest tattoos misspelled tattoos - 6486022400
Created by Amtrakforlovers

All is Forgiven

comic chest tattoos - 6837172992
Created by Unknown

Three Strikes, You're Out

hand tattoos chest tattoos arm tattoos diamonds - 6696245760
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

Emo You Didn't!

heart wings chest tattoos - 7013361152
Created by 666buttsrule420

The Good Lifs

chest tattoos - 6391088640
Created by logan3900

Never Trust Rob Again

chest tattoos text tattoos - 7199661312
Created by dagirl84

Bro, Do You Even Yift?

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Created by needles ( Via )

What's With the "K"?

misspelled tattoos chest tattoos - 7355799552
Created by Unknown