Ugliest Tattoos

back tattoos

Are You an Angel?

wings back tattoos - 6787887360
Created by Unknown

What are YOU Looking At?

dogs back tattoos - 6955271168
Created by Unknown

People is Certainly That

back tattoos engrish shoulder tattoos - 6416156672
Created by Cornholio

Put a Bird on It!

birds back tattoos - 7337054976
Created by Patrick Fleming

Found Him!

wheres waldo back tattoos - 6652404992
Created by Unknown

Thaaat's Not What Wings Look Like

back tattoos poorly drawn wings - 5192205312
Created by Unknown


green day back tattoos - 6652292352
Created by Unknown

Erma Gerd?

roses back tattoos - 6670476800
Created by neuroticneko

Tattoo All the Clichés!

butterfly back tattoos - 6943648768
Created by Unknown

She's Been Chained Up So Long, Her Legs Atrophied

sexy tattoos back tattoos Princess Leia - 7369017600
Created by Unknown

I Can You See You and Your Terrible Quote

back tattoos eyeballs quotes - 7326822656
Created by Carey Hanks

Treasure is Buried Under That Mole

back tattoos bears trees - 6409868288
Created by Unknown

How Did They Get That Cross Embedded Into Your Back?

back tattoos cross stars - 6568487680
Created by Unknown

How Do I Hand?

roman hands back tattoos horses - 7157203712
Created by Unknown

Off to a Good Start

misspelled tattoos back tattoos - 6995616768

What's Up, With That Comma?

back tattoos - 6760801280
Created by Unknown