Ugliest Tattoos

back tattoos

I'm a Sad Dog

back tattoos - 6406261760
By Unknown

And This One is Missing an Apostrophe

misspelled tattoos expressions back tattoos - 7070280960
By ninebelowzero

GoodFellas: BadTattoos

back tattoos - 4933147648
By Unknown

"Could You Give Him a Really Pronounced Widow's Peak?"

back tattoos boxing rocky - 6467926016
By Unknown


back tattoos - 6881257728
By benmonro

Blow-Up Doll Family

back tattoos family - 7255172096
By catghost87

So Tell Me More About Yourself...

back tattoos - 7297164544
By Unknown

What a Looser!

misspelled tattoos back tattoos - 6934929152
By Unknown

Stained Glass WIN!

jesus back tattoos - 7198411776
By Unknown

We Have So Much in Common!

back tattoos Hall of Fame - 6431128832
Via F*** Yeah, Tattoos

Looks Like a Winner to Me!

back tattoos - 6636125696
By Unknown

Aw Snap!

birds flowers back tattoos - 7095658240
By Unknown

Fill 'er Up

guns back tattoos skulls - 7185813248
By anonymous

Back Waters

guitars octopus back tattoos - 6855722240
By Unknown

Scootin' Along!

back tattoos horses - 7080219392
By Unknown

A Cover That Went Very, Very Wrong

back tattoos - 6671851008
By Mon
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