Ugliest Tattoos


mysterious words - 3842755072
Created by Unknown

Forgive The Tattoos Artists, They Know Not What They've Done

jesus - 7400808960
Created by Unknown


brand loyalty words - 3580538368
Created by Unknown

What Cute Critter is This Supposed to Be?

cute funny - 4774997504
Created by nelly

Were You Chewing On a Pen?

face tattoos - 6574854144
Created by anonymous

What Happeres in Vegas Changes You

tattoos misspelling funny - 7694902272
Created by lucylucylee

Tink's Face is Pretty Smudgy

bad tattoos funny - 4440472320
Created by Unknown

Shut Up and Laugh at This Comic, Bro

Cheezburger Image 6552336640
Via For Lack of a Better Comic

Saves The Coroner Attaching a Label to His Toe

toy story tattoos foot - 7984897536
Created by beernbiccies

Did You Cover Up a Scar, or Create One?

leg tattoos heart - 6647675648
Created by Unknown

Mortal Kombat for the Artistically Challenged Buddhist?

back tattoos - 7094729984
Created by Unknown

Sir, that beard isn't hiding anything

face tattoos - 5792514048
Created by greekpa

"Insert Name Here"

smiley face facebook foot tattoos - 6626917632
Created by blah_kitteh

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Boyfriend Do Your Tattoos

back tattoos skulls - 6878480640
Created by demonkitty ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

But a Lifetime is Still a Pretty Long Time to Have This Tattoo

time birds tattoos funny - 4646519552
Created by cupkate1129

Tiger on the Loose

chest tattoo tiger - 6257758464
Created by Unknown