Ugliest Tattoos

What? They Have Welders in the Army

spell check words - 4158068224
Created by evolvedone

I Love The Smell of Sea Water And Regrets In The Morning

tattoos sun funny - 7813490944
Created by Unknown

Seems Like a Good Idea

categoryimage - 6652756224
Via No Way Girl


flowers religion - 5406212352
Created by Unknown

My Sh*tty Sense is Tingling

Cheezburger Image 6292092928
Created by texcroc

Grumpy Cat Tat

Grumpy Cat thigh tattoos - 7400419584
Via Fashionably Geek
tattoos that should have just been avoided at all costs instead of permanently applied to skin for a lifetime

20 Hilarious Relationship Tattoo Fails To Make You Laugh

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He Said Tattoo, So This Goes Here

Cheezburger Image 6578628864
Created by Unknown

This Tattoo Will Be an Excellent Reminder of That

misspellings tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7817556736
Created by SyntheticDiz


brand loyalty drinking hipsters pbr words - 3122889472
Created by Unknown

Slam Dunk Jesus

back tattoos basketball crucifix jesus - 4931392000
Created by Unknown

Oh Come On, It's Not That Bad

confederate flag - 6337726208
Created by SoloPenquin


Internet phenomena Pokémon - 3513093120
Created by Unknown

Does It Match Your Panties?

Flower motto - 6140624128
Created by kjag

Zakk Wylde Won´t Be Happy About This

guitar sexy tattoos - 6415780096
Created by donroland90

Don't Look Directly at This Gif

gifs mugshots - 6937998336
Created by Unknown
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