There, I Fixed It


It's What Washington Would Have Wanted

dual use money tools welding - 4917701376
By Unknown

Don't Drink and Weld

bicycle crazy welding wtf - 4520764160
By metaphil

This Guy Definitely Has a Creative Edge. Hire Him!

cars dual use welding - 4993356288
By Unknown


cardboard overkill welding wrench - 3522832640
By Unknown

Now The Aliens Can't Watch Me

cars sunroof welding wtf - 5578216192
By bruno2k

Welder's Utensils

dual use spork welding - 4358454016
By Erik Hendrickson

Weld and Roll

welding cars funny there I fixed it - 7754747904
By Abraham

Meanwhile, In Missouri

school bus welding wtf - 4971830272
By AnnMarie Nichols

Can't Decide on a Motorhome? Combine all Three!

cars rv Travel welding - 5568818432
By suji

For Halloween, He Dressed Up as an OSHA Nightmare

fire Professional At Work safety first welding - 5431360768
By Nyanjim86

Mad Science Creationist Monday

boat China Mad Science Monday poll welding - 5198762496
Via Metro

Perfect For Twins

bike DIY g rated there I fixed it welding - 5521431296
By Unknown

Safety in the Workshop

explosion welding fire - 7012190720
By DoctorTwo

Mad Science Monday: Mad Scientists Are Born When Their Garages Burn Down

animals Mad Science Monday safety first welding - 5460289536
By Anonymous

Like Some Sort of Double Unicycle

bike russia welding wtf - 5407868416
By Unknown


frankenstein hammer welding wrench - 3706742016
By Unknown
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