There, I Fixed It


No More Sudden Flushes

bathroom flush toilet urinal - 6508775168
Created by Unipsychologist

This Fix Was Not Hands Free

bathroom kludge plumbing urinal - 5382555904
Created by leakingpen

Wait Just a Minute...

bathroom restroom urinal - 6133557248
Created by Unknown

Bathroom Design FAIL

urinal design bathroom - 7004428288
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It's Super Efficient

urinal sink bathroom funny there I fixed it - 7765204992
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toilet urinal - 5943073280
Created by Unknown

The Janitor's Letter of Resignation Was This Picture

bathroom clean up gross urinal - 4706938112


public restroom faucet Mission Improbable sink urinal - 3487375616
Created by Unknown

Time to Fire the Plumber

bathroom bucket out of order plumber there I fixed it urinal - 6361887744
Created by Teseract

Whoever Did This, You Should Try Kludging More Often

bathroom Hall of Fame restroom sink there I fixed it toilet urinal - 6320503552
Created by Unknown

The Urinal for Uteri

urinal - 6253276160
Created by Unknown


bathroom bottle Kludge pipes plumbing urinal - 4010423296

A Piss Poor Substitute

bathroom kludge bottle dual use gross urinal - 4452224000
Created by Unknown

The Science of Arrows

bathroom plumbing urinal wtf - 5849840896
Created by Hoopi

ADA Approved

urinal ada bathroom - 7084819968
Created by CheddarBlimp
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