There, I Fixed It


Yeah, "Clearance 12 Feet" Isn't a Joke

funny trucks - 7600422400
Created by texascableguy

I've Created a Monster... Truck

parking lots trucks g rated there I fixed it - 7345105664
Created by Unknown

Remember The Time We Hit 70mph in Our Tubes?

dangerous dual use kids pool summer trucks - 4774886656
Created by Rallias

Sorry Officer, Those Papers Are in my Other File Truck

cabinet cars office supplies trucks wtf - 4541286912
Created by Kelli Breuklander

He Could Only Afford A Partial Lift

cars trucks wtf - 4618163712
Created by Unknown

Now They Fit

ladders there I fixed it trucks - 8009100544
Created by Unknown

Who Needs the DMV?

license plates funny cardboard there I fixed it trucks - 7821947392
Created by Jaysie

We're Gonna Need a Taller Truck

gardening rednecks funny trucks - 7519023872
Created by Unknown

Wood You Believe It's Homemade?

cars DIY cab trucks g rated there I fixed it - 7228380416
Created by captainjackrackham
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