There, I Fixed It


Hey, it's a Door

doors car repair trucks - 7267496704
By Unknown

Turn the Light on, You Can Play Tic Tac Toe on the Wall

cars duct tape funny trucks - 7582007808
By Scotty

Bungies? Naw, Tape it Down!

duct tape funny trucks - 7634715648
By 1000wattwarlock

Yeah, "Clearance 12 Feet" Isn't a Joke

funny trucks - 7600422400
By texascableguy

Now They Fit

ladders there I fixed it trucks - 8009100544
By Unknown

Terrible Lock or Kickstand?

cars holding it up trucks wood - 4575821312
By geha714

Think They'll Notice?

Professional At Work tape trucks - 4469762048
By romankbk

Is There a Smudge on My Windshield?

cars dangerous safety first trucks weird windshield wtf - 4804770816
By Emma

There I Smashed It

trucks - 7348681984
By Unknown
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