There, I Fixed It


We're Gonna Need a Taller Truck

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By Unknown

I've Created a Monster... Truck

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By Unknown

When Low on Duct Tape, Foil Can Be Used As A Substitute

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By bilkat

With Any Luck, You'll Catch Some Dinner

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By Darby

Russian Delivery

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By Aurora

The New Smart Truck

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

More Effective Than Just an Arm

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By Unknown

It's Not a Tumor!

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By Jon


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By Sharon White

All Strapped In

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By Unknown

What Do You Think He'll Try Next?

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By Unknown

DIY Ford Boom Box

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By Matt

There's AAA, and Then There's Just A

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By Unknown

Go Home Truck, You're Drunk

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By AnassRhammar

Urban Impacted

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By urbanhillbilly