There, I Fixed It


Brace Yourselves, It's About To Get a Bit Breezy

bad puns dual use holding it up tools - 4926406912
Created by Unknown

I SAW This One Coming

dual use fixed hack saw tools - 4726454784
Created by A'


bad idea makeshift tools - 2973962752
Created by Kevin

Getting a Grip on Your Climate Controls

dashboard dual use tools vice grips - 5182713856
Created by Unknown

It's What Washington Would Have Wanted

dual use money tools welding - 4917701376
Created by Unknown

Weed Whacked

clever tools zip ties - 4440754176
Created by Doug

The Fastest Way To Wipe a Hard Drive

Apple product dual use Hall of Fame laptop tools - 4994835968
Via Make

The Bottom of The Lake Will Be Nice and Trimmed

boat dual use tools wtf - 5181742848
Created by Chris Noble

Talk About After Market Parts

bicycle bike dual use tools zip tie - 4819092480

There, I Opened It

canned food tools there I fixed it - 7950047744
Via Izismile

Throwing a Wrench in The Plans

dual use furniture tools wrench - 5464269568
Created by Sandy in Fishy

Kludging Takes It's Toll on Even The Strongest of Us

broken hammer tools wtf - 4443480576
Created by Unknown

A Slightly Sturdier Handle

can opener DIY dual use g rated there I fixed it tools - 5663370752
Created by Bryan P

Love Seat, Complete With Love Handle

dual use furniture tools wrench - 5185453056
Created by Bubba A.

Sneaky Sneak Leveling

computer dual use tools video games wrench - 5635342592
Created by bwillb ( Via )


socket tools wrench - 4162519296
Created by Unknown
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