There, I Fixed It


It'll Be Easy, They Said...

home improvement there I fixed it tools - 7989274112
By biggitybryan

Just Diggin' Around The Ol' Watering Hole

boat dual use paddle shovel tools - 4768105728
By Unknown

Love Seat, Complete With Love Handle

dual use furniture tools wrench - 5185453056
By Bubba A.

Pool Pumps for Chumps

pliers tools - 6488165888

Brace Yourselves, It's About To Get a Bit Breezy

bad puns dual use holding it up tools - 4926406912
By Unknown

Does Your Bosch Have Bling?

tools why wtf - 4270095104
By Unknown

Weed Whacked

clever tools zip ties - 4440754176
By Doug

Recycling At Its Best

dual use going green nature saw tools - 5291448832
By JBlough

Kludging Takes It's Toll on Even The Strongest of Us

broken hammer tools wtf - 4443480576
By Unknown

The Stopper Was Broken.

bathroom dual use Nailed It plumbing stopper tools - 4745795840
By Unknown

Spooned and Screwed

dual use furniture holding it up silverware tools - 5348458752
By Bodyasylum

Getting a Grip on Your Climate Controls

dashboard dual use tools vice grips - 5182713856
By Unknown

Mad Science Monday: Screwy Reception

Mad Science Monday screwdriver tools - 5662943488
By Langly (Via

Throwing a Spanner in The Plans

cooking kitchen kludge spatula tools wrench - 5806199808
By Unknown


boat Electrical tape not intended use tools - 2971751936
By Zvi Herman

When Life Give You Lemons

clamp dual use food kitchen kludge tools - 4769364480
By Brad Stone
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