There, I Fixed It


Make sure to check the tape, just make sure its not Spinal Tape. We might never get rid of that. Take your puns to the next level with these sticky puns and jokes all about tape.

Doesn't Get Much Kludgier Than This

balancing act books college holding it up tape - 4520264448
Created by Matt

No In-Dash Video? COME ON!

apple products dashboard holding it up ipod tape - 4791499520
Created by djkleen02

100% Recyclable Walls

cardboard tape there I fixed it walls - 7995624704
Created by zackola

She Fits Now!

cars wood funny tape there I fixed it - 7798792448
Created by frailea

Just Like New!

blue tape duct tape tape g rated there I fixed it - 7063549952
Created by Tonycop1

That'll Hold Her

windows cars funny tape - 7684868608
Created by rsbt

I'm a Master...Uh...Something

walls tape there I fixed it - 7880007168
Created by PnF4EVAPony

And it Won't Peel the Paint Off

side mirror cars tape there I fixed it - 7863126784
Created by LyokoTravels ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )


air conditioner broom coke cooler Kludge macgyver tape - 3806018560
Created by Unknown

If It Works, Who Are We to Judge?

computer case computer repair Electrical tape holding it up tape - 4611432448
Created by Bill Laduke

Keeping Budapest Metro Car Numbers Safe

there I fixed it tape - 7928711424
Created by Mézga Géza ( Via )

That Oughta Hold It for a While

construction dangerous holding it up Professional At Work tape - 4773453056
Created by Unknown

Sorry, Screwdriver, It's Just Not Working Out

ac alarm climate control duct tape screwdriver tape - 6142881536
Created by Unknown

But Where Do You Keep Your Toothpaste?

bathroom dual use holding it up tape toothbrush - 4551302912
Created by stinone

Time For a Refreshing Shower

mountain dew soda bottles showers tape there I fixed it - 7995837952
Via dontknowbuthello

Finally Off Those Crutches? Time to Sweep!

crutches tape there I fixed it - 7872925184
Created by John
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