There, I Fixed It


Make sure to check the tape, just make sure its not Spinal Tape. We might never get rid of that. Take your puns to the next level with these sticky puns and jokes all about tape.

So Much Easier to Fix Than Contacts

chopsticks glasses tape there I fixed it - 7841237504

Shining a Little Light on the Subject

license plates flashlights cars light funny tape - 7622743552
Created by Unknown

Fixing It With Itself

scotch tape funny tape - 7452519168
Created by Unknown

Making a Tight Seal on a Sunroof: Nailed It!

car fail car fix car roof convertible glue roof sunroof tape - 6491887616
Created by jmorla39

Yes. That is an iPad.

apple products clock dual use holding it up ipad tape technology - 4811591168
Created by llama4114

I'm a Master...Uh...Something

walls tape there I fixed it - 7880007168
Created by PnF4EVAPony

Good as New

zip ties flashlights cars tape there I fixed it funny - 7726326528
Via lacaja-depandora

Also Functions as a Screen Protector

computer repair laptop tape - 5588782080
Created by Unknown

The Power Tower

computer computer tower console Dell desktop tape - 6188909312
Created by Unknown

100% Recyclable Walls

cardboard tape there I fixed it walls - 7995624704
Created by zackola

They Probably Could Afford the Delivery Charge

cars funny tape there I fixed it - 7821592576
Created by Unknown

I C What You Did There

battery dangerous dual use electricity flashlight tape - 4790393600
Created by Dennis

Stick-On Democracy

AMERRICA holding it up tape - 5440752384
Created by Unknown

Quick Projector Fix

milk crate glasses projector funny tape there I fixed it - 7781966336


flashlight Kludge string tape - 3804140544


apple Hall of Fame laptop mac tape - 4157088768
Created by Unknown
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