There, I Fixed It


Raise the Roof!

shower shower curtain showerhead - 6353280256
By greendogg15

Things Are Really Heating Up In Here

fix it shower candle shower head - 7387802368
By Unknown

The Shower Showt Out to Tall People

shower shower head - 6220188672
By Kyle Richey

What Is This, a Shower For Ants??

contractor shower - 5636994304
By Justin


bathroom Kludge Music shower - 3744514560
By Unknown

Come on Baby, Light My Bathroom!

bathroom electrocution light shower showerhead - 6544737024
By anotaai


bathroom dual use plumbing shower shower head - 4725036288
By Rachelle

Hello, Yes This is Shower

showerhead shower g rated there I fixed it - 6933515776
By taemdisnar

Try to Fall Off Again, You Stupid Thing!

shower soap - 6361714688
By Mike

Shower's Fixed!

shower duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7734562816
Via hagnet

No Hot Water for Nine Days, So I Made This!

hot water Kludge shower - 6591042304
By squadette

Thank God For That Sign

safety first shower signs wires - 5042199808
By SR1977 (Via

Our Shower Broke, So Solo Cups Work

showerhead shower solo cups landlord - 6697376768
By bistrof350

His and Hers Shower Head

plumbing shower wtf - 5821507840
By DogAteMyCheezburger

They Call This The "Waterfall Mod"

nozzle shower shower head - 5961811712
By Unknown

Apparently Water Drains Up Now

bathroom pipes plumbing shower - 4828794624
By Zé
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