There, I Fixed It


Try to Fall Off Again, You Stupid Thing!

shower soap - 6361714688
Created by Mike

Just in Time for the 24 Hours of Le Mans

bathroom cars computer monitor plumbing shower waterproof - 4853622272
Created by ilovellamafood

Shower's Fixed!

shower duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7734562816
Via hagnet

What Is This, a Shower For Ants??

contractor shower - 5636994304
Created by Justin

You Better Retrieve That Strap, Zelda's Out

bathroom kludge holding it up shower video games wii - 5459868160
Created by Unknown

Zip Tie Shower

shower curtain shower - 6736274944
Created by Gigathrash

They Call This The "Waterfall Mod"

nozzle shower shower head - 5961811712
Created by Unknown

Showerheads Supreme

bathroom shower showerhead - 6447964160
Created by Unknown

How to Help You Sing Better in the Shower...

shower g rated funny there I fixed it - 7439283456
Created by Unknown

His and Hers Shower Head

plumbing shower wtf - 5821507840
Created by DogAteMyCheezburger

I Should Be a Plumber

plumber shower bath bathtub bathroom pliers g rated there I fixed it - 6747879168
Created by thatguyonherenow


bathroom gross shower toilet - 3339799808
Created by Unknown

The Shower Showt Out to Tall People

shower shower head - 6220188672
Created by Kyle Richey

Broken Tiles? No Problem!

duct tape garbage bags shower there I fixed it - 7894930688
Created by raecarrow

Showers Just Got a Whole Lot Hotter

cold Hall of Fame Heat shower tiles - 6075251200
Created by Unknown

It's Waterproof, Right?

duct tape funny there I fixed it shower - 7722193152
Via thegatorlifestyle
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