There, I Fixed It


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One Man Brass Ensemble

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Can't Wait For That Airbag To Go Off

Funny fail pic of a cellphone on a steering wheel that might be a problem if that airbag goes off.
Created by diamond.and.pearl


dangerous driving laptop poll technology - 4128495104
Created by jonnytoy

Retrofit Your Home

DIY nerdy nintendo poll video games - 4472648192
Via izismile

Noah Realized he Needed a Bigger Boat

animals boat poll Professional At Work transportation wtf - 4598439424
Created by SR1977 ( Via )

The Ultimate Test of Trust

holding it up painting poll - 5071713024
Created by Steven ( Via )

The Opposite of Athlete's Foot

can dual use poll shoes soda string weird - 4795887360
Created by Unknown

Child Proofing At Its Finest

bathroom holding it down plumbing poll Professional At Work quick fix tape toilet - 4814122496
Created by Unknown

All of Them.

meme moving day overkill poll truck - 4918651136
Created by Unknown
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