There, I Fixed It


Please Tell Me This Revolves

dual use electronics poll remote - 4840573440
Created by Silent_Scope


button car poll - 4057474560
Created by Don

The Ultimate Test of Trust

holding it up painting poll - 5071713024
Created by Steven ( Via )

Opting For Rear A/C Was a Poor Choice

air conditioner cars poll redirect wtf - 5284461056
Created by Unknown

Squirt Directly Into Your Mouth

dual use food Hall of Fame poll - 5174216192
Created by Unknown

Mad Science Creationist Monday

boat China Mad Science Monday poll welding - 5198762496
Via Metro


DVD Kludge poll Professional At Work technology - 3804231936
Created by Unknown

Not-A-Kludge: Fire Extinguisher Keg

beer fire extinguishers not a kludge poll - 4493101568
Created by Unknown

Revolutionary Protection

Hall of Fame helmet news poll - 4426198784
Created by Unknown

Please Don't Tell Me Yours Looks Like This?

computer repair computers Hall of Fame poll - 5226628096
Created by Unknown


lock poll security - 4009812224
Created by samwichse

Can't Wait For That Airbag To Go Off

Funny fail pic of a cellphone on a steering wheel that might be a problem if that airbag goes off.
Created by diamond.and.pearl

Retrofit Your Home

DIY nerdy nintendo poll video games - 4472648192
Via izismile

BYOR (Bring Your Own Rake)

cooking food overkill poll - 4563698176
Created by Unknown

Alright, Now What Am I Missing?

balance ladder poll Professional At Work weird wtf - 4946347520
Via Reddit

Summer's Here! Time For a BBQ

barbecue bbq cooking package poll summer - 4780505344
Created by Unknown
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