There, I Fixed It

locked up

Edward Moved On To Boosting Cars After His Hedge Trimming Business Failed

cars locked up suv - 4794535680
Created by Shashasha

Sir, The Forkifications Are Complete

bad puns fork locked up - 4617257984
Created by stu.collier

Because Thieves Never Carry Knives

food ice cream locked up unnecessary why - 4388332288
Created by Unknown

This One's Not Going To Walk Away

bike dual use flip flops locked up - 5424350976
Created by Unknown

Just Don't Forget It's There

car chain locked up padlock wheels - 4774789632
Created by Unknown

What a Showoff

bad puns door dual use locked up - 4982527488
Created by iizluvhappy

Chain. The Original Club

cars dual use locked up wtf - 4500101632
Created by santabackwards

I Would Have Road Rage Too

car windows cars dangerous duct tape locked up - 4461767424
Created by Ebolavirus
clever locked up not a kludge security Video - 24619009

Secret Knock Detector

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Stay Where I Can See You

locked up school bus security - 4703868416

I Was Ready To Use My Lockpick and Everything!

chain FAIL locked up stupidity - 4682230272
Created by Unknown

College Rules: Not For Everyone

college lock locked up rubber band stupidity - 4765140480
Created by ZachSeale

Another Rejected Home Alone Trap

doors dual use locked up tools - 4786539264
Created by Robin Gryson

Because Thieves Never Carry Tools

cars locked up security wheels - 4989724416
Created by -Ghost-

One Way To Ensure It'll Never Get Stolen

bicycle bike dual use handcuffs locked up police - 4777163264
Created by sdsdreadnought

The Fridge Ate My Homework

duct tape locked up refrigerator - 4867034624
Created by bob