There, I Fixed It


Damn, I Grabbed The Wrong Screwdriver

Hall of Fame ladder Professional At Work safety first scary wtf - 5159921408
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bad idea balance ladder - 3275300864
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Calling an Ambulance in 3... 2... 1...

couch ladder moving - 6497576192
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It's Sort of Like a Tripod

dual use Hall of Fame ladder Professional At Work tripod - 5150897920
Created by Andre Schurer

And This Is Why We Have Unions

dangerous ladder Professional At Work safety first tax dollars at work - 4636247296
Created by lazzeri

I Always Suspected as Much

ladder - 6975408896
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The Maintenance Guys Are Serious About Safety

ladder lightbulb g rated there I fixed it - 6970408704
Created by DoctorTwo

It's the Opposite of Dumpster Diving

dumpster ladder safety - 7212606720
Created by hurbyfatboy

Now Let's Just Get These Power Lines Turned Back On

dangerous electricity ladder Professional At Work safety first - 4748665344
Created by Parker Jones

Home Sweet Home

bricks ladder stairs - 4954311936

Dive Into Kludging

ladder swimming pool - 6345627648
Created by BPerry2

Stairway to Heaven - the kludge edition

Hall of Fame ladder Professional At Work safety first - 5461812992
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dangerous duct tape homemade ladder - 4133108224
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Problem, Officer?

caution danger freeway highway ladder police warning - 6279838464
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church england ladder Professional At Work - 3637653760
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Honey, I Fixed the Stairs!

ladder stairs - 7067166208
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams