There, I Fixed It

holding it up

Hold On, Let Me Turn On The High Beam

duct tape headlight holding it up wtf - 5005425920
Created by -Ghost-

Have a Seat

cars dual use holding it up mechanic Shaky Support Systems - 5505904128
Created by Unknown

Somehow They Noticed That I Escaped My Cubicle

chairs dual use holding it up Office window - 5181460736
Created by Unknown

They're Proud of This Fix

holding it up umbrella - 4688289280
Created by Unknown

What Has He Been Smoking?

dual use holding it up Professional At Work - 5166803712


cigarettes computer parts holding it up - 4268775168
Created by paweusz

Keep Those Rockstar Ghosts Up There!

dual use holding it up Music - 4994145536
Created by Matthew

Be Careful Mr. Pane, That's Not Stable!

balancing act holding it up ladders wtf - 5852597504
Created by kd

Why Didn't You Pay Attention To The Light?

holding it up Professional At Work traffic light - 4554066688
Created by M0y

Looks Like He's Really Using That Science Degree

books college dual use holding it up school - 4493724672
Created by Unknown

Job's Done!

construction dangerous holding it up Professional At Work - 4467723008
Created by Eirik

Just Don't Sneeze

holding it up ladder Professional At Work - 5106292736
Created by Unknown

His Kickstand is Trying to Compensate

bicycle bike holding it up kickstand overkill poll unnecessary woody - 4749668608
Created by stefan

He Acts All Embarrassed Around His Friends

cute holding it up umbrella waterproof - 4757165568
Created by kyd

The Unwobbable

chairs furniture holding it up wtf - 5478681600
Created by buildinatree

With Some Help From His Buddies

bad puns holding it up Professional At Work - 4569389824
Created by Unknown