There, I Fixed It

holding it up

Don't Be Surprised if it Doesn't Flush

bathroom kludge holding it up tape - 4837771264
By Fedor

Not Seen on MTV Cribs

classy holding it up television TV - 4451468544
By johnclayton

I 'C' What You Did There

battery dual use holding it up - 5385522944
By Mirko Doelle

If Done Right, Cable Management Should Defy Gravity

cable management cables computer holding it up - 5099505920
By Felipe Giotto

Ha! Your Glasses Suck

bad puns glasses holding it up straw - 4441527296
By Abzy_Fabzy

So You Can Wash Your (Cue) Balls

bad puns holding it up sink - 5249964800
By fraudeath

Good Ol' Rock. Nothing Beats That!

hammer holding it up tools wtf - 5164164608
By Jme

Can't Mask This Fix

cars holding it up tape window - 4841733120
By Molly-In-Md

Building That Stairway To Heaven

holding it up ladder Professional At Work safety first - 5542037760
By elpumi.16

Have a Seat

cars dual use holding it up mechanic Shaky Support Systems - 5505904128
By Unknown


Electrical tape holding it up outlet plug tape - 3654594304
By Unknown

The Ultimate Test of Trust

holding it up painting poll - 5071713024
By Steven (Via

Care For a Spot of Height?

holding it up Professional At Work projector - 4958069760
By stejep


cautionary fail holding it up stool television - 4234548992
By Unknown

A Crackhead Turns to Tea

candle fire holding it up safety first tea - 5656035072
By Unknown

I Can't Imagine How It Broke

computers holding it up laptop - 5509344000
By a_sheppard
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