There, I Fixed It

Hall of Fame

The hall of fame - the pinnacle of achievement in whatever sport or activity you might participate in, even Tiddly Winks.


Hall of Fame lego not intended use - 2972814336
Created by J. Magee

His Brain Was Just Overflowing With Good Ideas

bucket garden gutter Hall of Fame hose water - 5948849408
Created by Unknown

Those Second Trimester Cravings Are Hard To Contain

can opener food Hall of Fame - 5482233088
Created by Unknown
Hall of Fame neat not a kludge Video - 33514753

How It's Made: Wooden Lamp Shade

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The Word's Most Expensive Microwave

apple products dual use food Hall of Fame laptop microwave - 5081103360
Via Bit Rebels

Not Your Grandpa's Wood Paneling

cars Hall of Fame moving day woody wtf - 5562138112
Created by Haunebu
dangerous Hall of Fame safety first stupidity Video - 20720641

Don't Worry, He's Wearing a Seatbelt

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Mad Science Monday: Almost as Good as a Bionic Arm

DIY Hall of Fame Mad Science Monday neat - 5863175936
Created by Meatpuppet

Cold As Ice

dual use fan Hall of Fame - 5023408128
Created by Unknown


car car window drill Hall of Fame Kludge window - 3661084672
Created by Unknown
dual use Hall of Fame Music tractor Video - 31605249

World's Most Reliable Drummer

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battery cell phone Hall of Fame laptop mod overkill - 2920354816
Created by kleptophobiac

Rust-O-Tron Guards Over the Playground

gun Hall of Fame russia statue - 6286418432
Created by Vanos_Ira ( Via Svalko )

Sittin' Around The Ol' Camp Fire

Hall of Fame toilet - 5916667904
Created by Unknown

Why Yes, I Can Make Fishing Lazier

boat chairs dual use fishing furniture Hall of Fame - 5084924672
Created by Lori Landis

Not-A-Kludge: Now I Want to Lick My Keyboard Even More

computers food Hall of Fame keyboard not a kludge - 4375539968