There, I Fixed It


Stick a fork in it, and finish it off. Not to be mistaken with a cork, it's time to proclaim the superiority of the eating implement, and divider of choices. Left or right, right or wrong, sometimes things branch off, so take the time to appreciate the humor in it, before it's come and gone.


fork Professional At Work water fountain - 4222023680
By Fokdal


antenna fork ham radio - 3812557824
By -GaMeLOvEr-

Cupholders AND Cutlery Holders

cars driving dual use fork silverware - 5701315328
By Unknown

The Special Spork

fork silverware spoon spork - 6203008000
By PeterM267

How Does I Physics?

fork hammer physics - 6061850880
By Unknown

Gallon is Full and the Tap Broke

tap fork spiggot water jug water cooler - 6880847360
By Léo Cruz

What is This? I Don't Even...

fork Hall of Fame milk oreo - 6210563072
By Unknown

Why Fork Over Dough for a Towel Rack?

fork toothbrush towel rack - 6028000000
By Wrayman


fork Hall of Fame styrofoam - 3330667776
By Unknown

Use the Fork!

fork water cooler - 7046421504
By inbalarii

Incense Burner

fork funny there I fixed it - 7719963136
Via gravalicious

When You Can't Afford a New Printer

fork duct tape funny there I fixed it g rated - 7728001024
Via nearlyisms

Quad Use Tool

duct tape fork hammer - 4261627136
By Rob

Significantly More Useful That Chop Forks...

chopsticks fork spoon spork - 6229855488
By Unknown

CLASSIC: Spork. You're Doing it Right.

classic dual use fork spork styrofoam utensil - 4736093184
By kokoriDZ

So It's a Forklift, Then?

fork forklift silverware utensil - 6508244736
By Unknown
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