There, I Fixed It


Why Fix It When You Can "Retro"-Fit It?

pencil sink faucet - 6833416704
Created by Karen Iuppa

We Have a Package for You: A Faucet!

faucet packing tape repair sink - 4293966848
Created by Unknown
faucet plumbing sink Video water weird wtf - 20574209

He's a Thirsty Little Guy

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They're Such a Supportive Team

duct tape faucet holding it up plumbing sink - 4644289024
Created by Unknown


sink wrong way faucet installation g rated there I fixed it - 7135840256
Created by Unknown

Oh Danny Boy!

faucet pipes plumbing sink - 6243053824
Created by Kamil the Plumber


bathroom faucet key recycling-is-good-right sink - 3632033024
Created by Unknown

We Have Hot Water Now!

hot water faucet there I fixed it - 7994141184
Via Engineering Jokes on Facebook

Don't Grab the Wrong End

bad idea faucet fork sharp sink - 4304221184
Created by Unknown

Excess Is Not In the Kludger's Dictionary

faucet plumber sink zip ties - 4531939840
Created by Tar

The Fantastic Faucet

bathroom faucet sink water - 6129980160
Created by MidnightRAT


public restroom faucet Mission Improbable sink urinal - 3487375616
Created by Unknown

Britain Is Binary

bathroom england faucet g rated Hall of Fame sink there I fixed it water - 5742990336
Created by Unknown

The Dual-Purpose Faucet

bathroom bathtub faucet sink water - 6151013632
Created by TrishtheStalker

Hot Water? Wait a Second...

stove sink hot water faucet - 7118279168
Created by amakay

Urgent Dishwasher Liquid Needed...

dishwasher sink faucet hose - 6967784448
Created by Unknown
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