There, I Fixed It


A "Pour" Workaround

cooler workaround sink faucet - 6767616768

Whaddya Mean There's An Easier Way To Do This?

bottled water faucet sink two liter - 2910739712
Created by David. This is my bathroom sink.

Hot Water? Wait a Second...

stove sink hot water faucet - 7118279168
Created by amakay


bathroom faucet Kludge water whoops - 3748860416
Created by Unknown

We Have a Package for You: A Faucet!

faucet packing tape repair sink - 4293966848
Created by Unknown
faucet plumbing sink Video water weird wtf - 20574209

He's a Thirsty Little Guy

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Good To See They Didn't Throw The Bath Nozzle Out With The Bath Water!

faucet nozzle sink - 5912234240
Created by Unknown

Oh Danny Boy!

faucet pipes plumbing sink - 6243053824
Created by Kamil the Plumber

Some Faucets Aren't Afraid of Heights

bathroom kludge faucet plumbing - 5006548736
Created by Unknown

Britain Is Binary

bathroom england faucet g rated Hall of Fame sink there I fixed it water - 5742990336
Created by Unknown

Urgent Dishwasher Liquid Needed...

dishwasher sink faucet hose - 6967784448
Created by Unknown


sink wrong way faucet installation g rated there I fixed it - 7135840256
Created by Unknown

Separate Faucets No More!

cold faucet good idea water bottle - 4291724032
Created by Unknown

Rule #86 of Fixing

bathroom kludge faucet screw tools - 5068781312
Created by mixmaster3000

Two Lefts Don't Make a Right

duct tape faucet plumbing sink - 4577233664
Created by Gibara
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