There, I Fixed It


It's under construction careful of falling memes and jokes. Keep your eyes peeled and laugh at everything and anything industrial.

Trust me, This'll be Faster

transportation construction funny - 7541790976
By Unknown


construction unsafe - 2962646016
By Unknown

When Construction Workers Join The Rebellion

construction dual use guns Hall of Fame wheelbarrow - 5302839552
By Vanos_Ira

Underachievers, Literally

FAIL construction classic - 8606182144
By Snake73

Job's Done!

construction dangerous holding it up Professional At Work - 4467723008
By Eirik
construction paint Professional At Work tax dollars at work Video - 20166401

Vodka Doesn't Keep The Lines Straight

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Part 1 of 2,479 Has Arrived!

cars construction moving day wtf - 5159555328
By Unknown

Buy a Shed? No Way!

construction plywood woodworking shed g rated there I fixed it - 7130164992
By DoctorTwo

Scaffolding, You're Doing It Right

building church construction lego - 5222583040
By Unknown


cautionary fail construction shed storage - 4235631360
By SR1977


construction Professional At Work road work tax dollars at work - 3562337792
By Unknown

Just Chillaxin

chair construction wheelbarrow - 4306188032
By Alex


balance construction tied together unsafe wooden plank - 3478465280
By Unknown

We Added The Aluminum Staircase Free of Charge

construction FAIL ladder Professional At Work whoops - 4625429760
By oldschoolmotorhead

I Love Jenga!

construction dangerous foundation holding it up jenga - 4716772096
By Unknown

He's a True Hero.

clothing construction holding it up Professional At Work safety first - 4772450816
By janekast
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