There, I Fixed It


It's under construction careful of falling memes and jokes. Keep your eyes peeled and laugh at everything and anything industrial.

The Road Crew Needs a Break

construction dual use tax dollars at work - 5124189952
Created by Unknown


balance construction unsafe - 2892078592
Created by piraterob

Some of These Things Are Not Like The Others

bricks construction holding it up Professional At Work - 5235597056
Created by Unknown

We Caught Him!

construction holding it up laziness tape - 4766433280
Created by Vanos_Ira


cardboard construction hat Professional At Work tax dollars at work - 3723488256
Created by Unknown

Caution: Ladder

construction ladders Professional At Work road work signs - 4588835840
Created by Renátó Krakkai

Hey Guys, I Think You Forgot Something

construction crane wtf - 5678363904
Created by Kelly ( Via )

His Mother Was a Tree

construction dual use - 4388757504
Created by Léo Vailati

Where'd We Put The Leftovers?

construction Professional At Work wtf - 5293286400
Created by pyfle42

Buy a Shed? No Way!

construction plywood woodworking shed g rated there I fixed it - 7130164992
Created by DoctorTwo
construction paint Professional At Work tax dollars at work Video - 20166401

Vodka Doesn't Keep The Lines Straight

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Surprise! We Built You a New Entraceway!

construction door home improvement - 5293068800
Created by Ben Scoville

Underachievers, Literally

FAIL construction classic - 8606182144
Created by Snake73


cautionary fail construction shed storage - 4235631360
Created by SR1977

Hey, At Least It Still Has a Roll Cage

chair construction dual use Professional At Work wtf - 4718702336
Created by Casey


balance construction tied together unsafe wooden plank - 3478465280
Created by Unknown
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