There, I Fixed It


Why's It Always Gotta Be "Or"?

computers apple funny - 7463628032
By computer_freak_8


computers funny there I fixed it duct tape - 7435889408
By Josephdalepi (Via

Electrical Safety Hazard

computers there I fixed it - 7894980352
By mattp1133

Overheating Solved!

ice funny there I fixed it computers g rated - 7754767104
By haank5 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Look Out! It's Making Your Eyes All Blurry!

computers holding it up safety first - 5834082304
By Unknown

Fan-tastic DIY

DIY fans there I fixed it computers - 7871124736
By Unknown

Who Knew Projectors Were ATX Compliant?

computers dual use Professional At Work - 5684965888
By chloered

We Need 2/3 Power!

computers dangerous electricity laptop wiring - 4394329600
By Unknown

Linux Controlled Plant Waterer

computers dual use plants rube goldberg - 4822367488
Via Reddit

PC-3200 Memory? Of Course It's Still Useful!

computers fans there I fixed it - 7897290240
By pedrohin

Geek Squad Approved Transportation Method

computers Hall of Fame transportation - 5391251968
By Unknown

Passwords Are Overrated

computers there I fixed it zip ties - 7921494528

Monitor Backlight Broken?

computers monitors there I fixed it windows - 7993491200
By ciorapel

Some People Would Consider That an Improvement...

computers there I fixed it - 7926723584
By GeniusLOL

Capacitor at Capacity

computers funny - 7555851008
By Conundrum1859

Laptop or Craptop?

laptops hinges computers - 7383580672
By Gbit
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