There, I Fixed It


The Ergonomic Hotel Workstation

hotel ironing board computer - 6991265024
Created by pjt008

But Did he Remember The Thermal Paste?

computer cooling fan router - 4290770688
Created by Vinicius

Are You SATAsfied Yet?

computer hard drive sata - 5981025024
Created by jimschezlick


car computer mod radio sponge - 3598936832
Created by mrsSchultz

Peek-A-Boo! I CPU!

computer cpu laptop - 7039706624
Created by calrich345

Anything for the Frags

computer duct tape headphones headset - 4386583808
Created by Unknown

Nothing Will Stop This Raid, Nothing.

clip computer computer parts dual use headphones microphone video games - 4772906240
Created by Condor81


bubble wrap computer cooling mod - 2908094976
Created by My own creation

The Computer That Dreamt It Was a Kindle

bookshelf computer kindle - 6018807552
Created by Unknown


briefcase computer Kludge laptop Mission Improbable technology - 3732481280
Created by Unknown

The Historical Foot Stool

computer CRT monitor monitor - 6149316864
Created by Blake Goss

If Done Right, Cable Management Should Defy Gravity

cable management cables computer holding it up - 5099505920
Created by Felipe Giotto


bunk bed computer Mission Improbable school unsafe - 3288175360
Created by Unknown
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