There, I Fixed It


The Cheap Way to Beat the Heat

camera computer cord USB wires - 6303953408
Via Acidcow

2-For-1 Fix

computer computer fan computer repair dual use fans laptop lego - 4792158208
Created by drimacoustic

The Indoor Patio Roof Leak Fix

computer laptop leak patio roof server - 6439947776
Created by pete_nsh

Meanwhile, At 3M's IT Department...

computer Professional At Work technology - 4355003136
Created by Unknown

I Turned My Computer Inside Out

computer Hall of Fame - 6012686848
Created by crotalidae

The Computer That Dreamt It Was a Kindle

bookshelf computer kindle - 6018807552
Created by Unknown

I Can't Believe I've Never Thought of This

alcohol beer computer cup holder dual use - 5084246016
Created by Unknown

Privacy and/or Cooling Fix

cardboard computer laptop - 4273358848
Created by VNDL42

The Historical Foot Stool

computer CRT monitor monitor - 6149316864
Created by Blake Goss

Installing a 2.5" HDD in an Old Desktop

computer hard drive hdd sata - 6512307456
Created by chfoo0

Peek-A-Boo! I CPU!

computer cpu laptop - 7039706624
Created by calrich345

Power saving mouse switch!

computer Electrical tape mouse unnecessary - 4348081408
Created by Unknown


bathroom computer laptop shower - 4104858880
Created by Unknown

You Can Tell It's Overheating When The Fire Starts

cardboard computer mod recycling-is-good-right - 3590530560
Created by Unknown


cardboard computer fan - 4190314752
Created by Unknown

1995 Was Having a Great Deal on Microphones

computer dual use microphone Office - 4977196544
Created by Elisson