There, I Fixed It

cell phone

Hey I think your cell phone is buzzing. These cellular puns will have you dialing for more in no time.

The Low-Budget Cell Phone Holder

cell phone phone smartphone - 6408321536
By Karin


cell phone Kludge nokia phone - 4020503808
By Unknown

Phones on the Go

bicycle bike cell phone phone smartphone - 6440571136
By Markslap

Thanks, Mr. Bitey!

cell phone charging clothes pin wtf - 5704669696
By fefuts

The Modern Scanner

cell phone dual use knex technology - 5076888064
By Unknown

Your Network Is Screwed

antenna cell phone screws tools - 4690593792
By this-is-me

Yet Another Decent Battery For The Droid™

battery cell phone dual use overkill technology - 5312549120
By TheRowley
battery cell phone not a kludge Video - 28368129

Extending Your Phone's Battery

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Should Have Bought A Better Phone

cell phone charger phone charger - 5909838848
By Jose Cuervo

Tech Support

android cell phone iphone origami paper smartphone stand - 6068922112
By Honeypots

I Really Need To Order The Loudspeaker Attachment

cell phone dual use technology - 5202539776
By Unknown

Now You Can Snake Forever

battery cell phone electronics - 5581319936
By trisky


cell phone laptop reception - 3692032256
By Unknown


battery cell phone Hall of Fame laptop mod overkill - 2920354816
By kleptophobiac


cell phone electronics guitar - 3618929664
By Unknown

Don't Throw Out That Brick!

cell phone door stop dual use holding it up - 4540849920
By Jur