There, I Fixed It


Doubles as a Flash!

camera stand - 4288168192
Created by Unknown

The New Final Cut Isn't Totally Useless

camera - 7094173184
Created by billbrasky

Big Brother is Watching You Kludge

camera CCTV security camera Video - 6109949440
Created by Unknown

The Cheap Way to Beat the Heat

camera computer cord USB wires - 6303953408
Via Acidcow

I Don't Need No Stinkin' GoPro!

GoPro camera - 7138039808
Created by TheRealBev

The G(hett)oPro HD

camera digital camera GoPro Photo photography - 6585091328
Created by iancube

Day Care Camera FAIL

CCTV camera security camera - 6920028928
Created by hogworthy

Sock as a Lens Cap

photography socks camera - 7132685056
Created by solberhl

The Shoe Tripod

boot camera canon digital camera DIY shoe tripod - 6082287872
Created by Harris


camera DIY GoPro mount - 5640344832
Created by reedlawson

I Think That's a Camera, But I'm Not Really Sure

camera dual use MAD SCIENCE wtf - 4460312064
Created by sagi

Not-A-Kludge: A Pretty Obvious Spy Camera

camera not a kludge photography wtf - 4441938176

I Don't Know What it is, But My Friend All Have Them

batteries camera slr wtf - 5780944384
Created by Unknown

The Point 'n' Shoot Piece a' S**t

camera photography - 6192218880
Created by Justin Brown

He Blinded Me With Science

camera milk carton Professional At Work - 4356381184
Created by Unknown

We Spent All Our Money On These Cool Hats

camera cardboard Professional At Work shade - 5162568704
Created by orcmas