There, I Fixed It


The Cheap Way to Beat the Heat

camera computer cord USB wires - 6303953408
Via Acidcow

Citizen, State Your Business!

camera CCTV police security camera - 6216922368
Created by Unknown

Waterproofing: You're Doing It Wrong

camera canon digital camera slr waterproof - 6588699136
Created by Dar-Kfrei

Day Care Camera FAIL

CCTV camera security camera - 6920028928
Created by hogworthy

Not-A-Kludge: A Pretty Obvious Spy Camera

camera not a kludge photography wtf - 4441938176

The Sad Tale of the Near-Sighted Peeping Tom

camera dual use magnifying glass security - 4757530880
Created by jlstu32

Kludges by Kanon

camera canon - 6184382976
Via DoobyBrain

How Far Wood You Go for the Perfect Shot?

camera Photo photography tripod - 6584078592
Created by James Bacon

Go-Pro? I Don't Think So

camera digital camera g rated Photo there I fixed it - 6310690560
Created by Unknown


camera Kludge wood - 4031698688
Created by Unknown

The New Final Cut Isn't Totally Useless

camera - 7094173184
Created by billbrasky

I Don't Know Bro...

security camera camera - 6632653056
Created by Unknown

Doubles as a Flash!

camera stand - 4288168192
Created by Unknown

I Think That's a Camera, But I'm Not Really Sure

camera dual use MAD SCIENCE wtf - 4460312064
Created by sagi

Technically, It's Not a Tripod Anymore

camera cell phone holding it up rope tripod - 4638873088
Created by justinashar

Now That's an Auto-Focus!

camera digital camera - 6738321920
Created by Sophie Aust
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