There, I Fixed It


Excuse me, where's the bathroom? If you're looking for toilet memes to clean out that potty mouth, you've come to the right place.

If You Position Yourself Right, You Create an Infinite Loop

bathroom dual use Hall of Fame water fountain wtf - 5039011328
Created by Unknown

One More Use

bathroom dual use knife - 5115192832
Created by cleveland013

The Circle of Life

after 12 bathroom keg restroom toilet urinal - 6253173504
Created by Unknown

It's a Toothbrush! It's a Drinking Fountain!

bathroom bathroom sink drinking fountain Hall of Fame sink toothbrush - 6325196288
Via Amron Experimental

The Fantastic Faucet

bathroom faucet sink water - 6129980160
Created by MidnightRAT

Degree From Sierra Entertainment

bathroom rube goldberg unnecessary - 4342698240
Created by Jean-Sebastien Leard


bathroom shower trash - 3670736896
Created by Unknown

I Don't Want to Get To The Root of This Problem

bathroom nature trees urinal - 4875111936
Created by pete


bathroom chair hole Mission Improbable use what you have - 3224685824
Created by Unknown

Oh, Put a Cork in It!

bathroom cork dual use toilet - 4914267136
Created by Skabbolicious of Kattalogen fame

Child Proofing At Its Finest

bathroom holding it down plumbing poll Professional At Work quick fix tape toilet - 4814122496
Created by Unknown

The Dual-Purpose Faucet

bathroom bathtub faucet sink water - 6151013632
Created by TrishtheStalker

Cool Bathroom, Bro

privacy bathroom toilet - 6920271616
Created by Unknown


bathroom Mission Improbable toilet - 3267482112
Created by Unknown

Fresh Squeezed Hand Soap

bathroom dual use food soap wtf - 4997981696
Created by Evilcin

No, That Wasn't The Leather Squeeking

bathroom dual use furniture Hall of Fame not a kludge toilet - 5307244800
Created by Unknown