There, I Fixed It


Excuse me, where's the bathroom? If you're looking for toilet memes to clean out that potty mouth, you've come to the right place.

So Many Choices, So Much Time

bathroom toilet paper why wtf - 4411033600
By Unknown

Broken Toilet Handle?

rope flusher bathroom toilet - 7014956032
By iSirMeepsAlot

Whatever You Do

bathroom Hall of Fame lego shaving - 5953698816
By Unknown

Good Thing You Had a Mobo in Your Pocket

bathroom computer repair electricity lights - 5672551936
By Eddiie

No, That Wasn't The Leather Squeeking

bathroom dual use furniture Hall of Fame not a kludge toilet - 5307244800
By Unknown

Toilet Paper: Secured

bathroom humor toilet paper bathroom g rated there I fixed it - 7582122496
By Unknown


bathroom electrical hazard lightbulb shower wire - 3573577984
By Unknown

How Many Kludges Can Fit in a Single Toilet Tank?

bathroom flusher hotel screwdriver toilet - 6524786432
By Catherine

Putting the Pedal to the Piddle

public restroom bathroom public bathroom restroom toilet urinal - 6296475136
Via Reddit

Lol What Are Faucet and How Does I Into Them?

drinking fountain sink bathroom faucet bathroom sink - 6797219072
By techietee (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

It's a Toothbrush! It's a Drinking Fountain!

bathroom bathroom sink drinking fountain Hall of Fame sink toothbrush - 6325196288
Via Amron Experimental


bathroom toothbrush unnecessary why - 4132603648
By Unknown

Practicing For the Party

bathroom beer shower - 4340939008
By Matt

A Fix For Mold Lovers

bathroom duct tape gross shower - 4863106048
By bigmoney

Wait Just a Minute...

bathroom restroom urinal - 6133557248
By Unknown

Pillbottle Floatball Upthrust

bathroom bottle drainage restroom toilet toilet tank - 6265919488
By Rácz János