There, I Fixed It


We're Gonna Need a Big Tape Measure to Measure This Big Tape Measure

art tools - 7158595840
Created by Unknown

Shoe Kludge: Nike Hit The Motherboard

art clever computer parts not a kludge shoe - 4791593984
Via Freshness


art awesome Hall of Fame nintendo not a kludge router - 4132765184
Created by Unknown

Health Clinic Waiting Room Art

art - 7069186560
Created by Mark Korven

Bicycle Chain Chandeliers by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

art - 6616451840
Via Etsy


art lamp neat not a kludge - 5827161088
Created by Unknown

Art on the Edge

art marker tires toyota wheels - 6207629056
Created by Brian

Art of the Day: Street Artist INSA Creates World’s Largest Animated GIF

art gifs design - 8432902400
Via Gif-iti

Lego Kludge: And I Thought My Seat Was Uncomfortable

art bicycle bike clever creative lego not a kludge - 4767237632
Via Automotto

Not-A-Kludge: The Modern Sundial

art clever clock not a kludge - 4576847616
Created by Unknown

Road Sign Kludge: More Uncomfortably Fun Furniture!

art chair dual use furniture not a kludge road signs - 4795258624
Via Tim Delger

How Do I Stairs

art stairs - 7362675456
Created by iNstinCt


art not a kludge - 4078129920
Created by Raumspirale
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