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Bicycle Chain Chandeliers by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

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Via Etsy


art bad puns not a kludge - 5324457728
Created by Unknown

Tool Kludge: Typical Canadian Furniture

art not a kludge table tools - 4774129152
Created by Unknown

We're Gonna Need a Big Tape Measure to Measure This Big Tape Measure

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Created by Unknown
chainsaw art design robot carving Video - 46914305

Robo-Carver WIN

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Sup Babe, You Like What You See?

art neat not a kludge statue - 5843686144
Created by Unknown

Propane Kludge: Now That The Long Weekend is Over, Here's a Use For Your Propane Tanks

art barbecue dual use not a kludge propane - 4819793664
Via Make

Looks Like Juvie's Making The Road Signs Now

art road signs signs tax dollars at work - 5149205760
Created by MaxFalletta


art cool not a kludge retro - 4102094848
Created by Unknown

Gotta Hand it to Them. . .

art funny - 7575500288
Created by eeveedude632 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Wire Management Level: Circuitry Art

art ps3 TV video games - 6231092736
Via xbmc
tattoos that incorporate scars, tattoo of a bird using a scar as a branch

25 Cool Tattoos That Turned Scars Into Art

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Not-A-Kludge: Great, Now My Brain Is Broken

art bookshelf not a kludge wtf - 4515585792
Created by Unknown
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