There, I Fixed It



art for kids fountain Hall of Fame not a kludge pool - 4018325248
Created by Unknown

Art Kludge: A New Way To Make Art With A Pencil

art design not a kludge package pencil - 4754861056
Via Twisted Sifter


art clever not a kludge - 4349927936


art not a kludge - 4078129920
Created by Raumspirale

Dutch Kludge: Cooler Than Your Library

art books design library Netherlands not a kludge - 4756663552
Created by SR1977 ( Via )

Barbed Wire - It's Art!

art - 5973089280
Created by pedretta
art not a kludge saw Video - 13455617


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Wire Management Level: Circuitry Art

art ps3 TV video games - 6231092736
Via xbmc

How Do I Stairs

art stairs - 7362675456
Created by iNstinCt

Shoe Kludge: Nike Hit The Motherboard

art clever computer parts not a kludge shoe - 4791593984
Via Freshness

Minimalist Fix

art duct tape road tax dollars at work - 4544310016
Created by Unknown

Antique Stores Aren't The Same Anymore

art clever sewing - 4320338176
Created by Michael

Tool Kludge: Typical Canadian Furniture

art not a kludge table tools - 4774129152
Created by Unknown

Art of the Day: Street Artist INSA Creates World’s Largest Animated GIF

art gifs design - 8432902400
Via Gif-iti

We're Gonna Need a Big Tape Measure to Measure This Big Tape Measure

art tools - 7158595840
Created by Unknown

High Quality Artwork

art - 7118841344
Created by Unknown