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Internet Users Are Applauding This Worker's Story About Finding a New Role

This viral thread saw readers voicing their support for this worker who managed to find themselves a new role that offered a 30% increase in pay. Their decision to make a change came after their coworkers made clear to them just how valuable of an asset they were to the company. This thread was shared on Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by Redditor u/lolwutRNB. They posted the thread with the title “My employer has been undervaluing me for years and I finally got to see them sweat after putting my…
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Employer Tells New Mother to Submit Her Resignation, She's Not Going Anywhere

The internet is incensed over this viral thread.
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People Are Walking Out of Interviews, Here Are the Top Trending Threads

Interviews go both ways.
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Viral Tweet: Boss Demands Project During Developer's Day Off, Gets Resignation Instead

Workers all over the internet shared their experiences after reading this viral tweet.
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Manager Fired On False Accusations, Entire Team Walks Out

There's no better sign of a great manager than inspiring loyalty in their subordinates. Bonus points if you can achieve this while smashing targets. It reminds me of this quote from somewhere that I can't quite place… But I'm certain that it's from some sort of literary masterpiece. “The truest victory my son… is stirring the hearts of your people.” -Terenas Menethil II Well, this manager managed to do both the things listed above. She smashed targets and turned around stores, but when push cam…
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Viral Image of Insane Sign Promises Customers a Bounty For Turning In Employees

This viral image has drawn the ire of the internet.
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Contractor Told to Attend "Mandatory" Meeting, Declines, Told to Answer Phone, Declines Again

This contractor was told that they had to attend a meeting by the company that they contracted. The issue was that the company had insisted that they sign them on as a contractor rather than an employee, and there wasn't anything in the contract dictating that they had to attend meetings. This was initially posted on Twitter by the contractor, @birdrespecter, before being shared to and going viral on Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit. The concerned workers of r/antiwork were highly supportive of th…
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Just Ran Away From Work | Photo of an exit sign

Retail Worker "Runs Away" From Job, Never Goes Back, People Share Their Similar Stories

The ONLY solution for working retail.
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HR Tells Guy He Should Work Weekends if He Has Time to Complete Freelance Work, He Quits

“If you have any free time it should be spent working for us, because we pay you a salary.” Ok, then I quit.
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My wife isn't getting a raise this year because I make good money and the men in the office "need it more"

Woman Denied Raise Because Her Husband Makes Too Much and "The Men in the Office Need it More"

A graphic designer was told by her marketing firm that she was not going to be receiving a salary increase, despite her stellar performance because her husband “makes good money." The story was posted to the r/antiwork subreddit by the woman's husband, who uses the username u/DLS3141. The ordeal took place after his wife's company completed their performance reviews. She received “glowing reviews from her boss," as she did every year. It wasn't until she didn't receive a raise, as she had in pr…
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Company didn't want to pay me a fair wage and the day after I quit, it cost the company around $40 Million.

IT Guy Underpaid at 29k Per Year, Leaves and Costs the Company $40 Million

This underpaid IT professional waited years for fair treatment from his bosses. The work doubled and then tripled, but the pay never reflected his efforts. He wouldn't prove how essential he was to the company until he left… and cost them $40 Million. Redditor u/slw_motion_trainwrck shared this story to the r/antiwork subreddit. A subreddit that seeks to raise awareness about workers' rights and increase visibility on the issues and mistreatment people face from poor employers. Commenters and c…
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Quit my job last night, it was nice to be home to make the kids breakfast and take them to school today! Off to hunt for a new opportunity, wish me luck :)

Boss Reviews 'Security Footage', Chastises Employee For Sitting With a Broken Foot, They Tell Him to Take a Hike

CCTV is not a tool for productivity,
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I "embarrassed" my boss after coming in “late” on my day off, and working 10 hours to appease one of his “good customers”

Boss Ridicules Employee After They Work Overtime on Their Day Off, Employee Quits

Some people really struggle with a "Thank you."
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Guy Quits on the Spot When Boss Calls Him a Liar, Never Signed the Non-Compete

Redditor and r/antiwork subscriber u/usedallmypowerups posted this story to the popular subreddit today. r/antiwork is a subreddit that has been gaining huge momentum on Reddit as the “Great Resignation" goes into full swing.
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Employee Fires Savagely Devastating Email at Boss After Quitting Mid-Shift

"So incompetent that it would make Neanderthals look intelligent."
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Company Undervalues IT Guy Until He Leaves, Beg Him to Come Back

A lesson in appreciating your employees.
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