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'You're stealing...': Tech CEO fires two engineers caught working two full-time jobs

A tech CEO reported firing two engineers who were caught working a second full-time job in this LinkedIn post that went viral. This topic has been trending across the wider web this week as there have been multiple reports from businesses that claim to be firing employees who are working multiple full-time jobs. Notable stories have emerged from the software company mentioned in this thread and from a multinational credit reporting agency that claims to have caught and fired 24 workers who were…
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“You need to be better at timekeeping….” OK then, I will… | TL:DR Boss erodes all goodwill by going for me for being 3 minutes late (despite me staying on late after hours all the time for no pay) then loses his shit when I start only doing the hours I’m contracted to do.

'You need to be better at timekeeping...': Boss reprimands employee for being three minutes late once, they stop staying late

Be careful what you wish for… When you're managing people, you really need to be careful with your choice of words, especially if you're the type of tyrannical manager who expects your instructions to be followed to the letter. If you unintentionally leave room for interpretation in your autocratic tirades, expect it to be interpreted in the most ridiculous (or disadvantageous possible ways.) That's what happened when this boss told their subordinate to “be better at timekeeping” after they wer…
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Walked out of an interview | I walked out of an interview for the first time today, I had a shadowing interview today for a job that pays $2/hr more than I make right now. Seems like a great place except I wasn’t getting paid for the 2 hours of shadowing and they told me I wasn’t allowed to have water while I worked

'I wasn't allowed to have water': Employee walks out of working interview because of employer's bizarre rules

I bet this employer can't wait for the android revolution that we've been promised. After all, an android wouldn't need to spend two minutes on the bathroom break that results from being properly hydrated.
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Why did you schedule this call on my off hours? | Been reading other stories of virtual meeting shenanigans

'My manager insists I turn my camera and mic on': Manager late for web meeting on employee's day off, witnesses literal inferno via Zoom

This volunteer firefighter was threatened to be fired while attending a fire on their day off.
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'Bathroom breaks are now limited to 10 minutes MAXIMUM': Employees fuming after micromanager posts tyrannical list of new site rules

Employees are fuming after this list of rules was posted in a work facility which included requiring employees to be at work 5 minutes early and limiting all bathroom breaks to ten minutes. Photos of the list were posted to Reddit's r/ antiwork subreddit where they have been trending and sparking discussion. This thread was posted by u/Smoothsay to the popular subreddit, which frequently hosts discussions on fair treatment in the workplace in threads where disgruntled workers share their storie…
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'You might go to jail if you don't work overtime': Employer and Labour Board threaten charges and arrest if employees refuse 12-Hour overtime shifts

This employer has allegedly threatened their staff with charges and imprisonment if they refuse to stay after their 10-hour shift for “voluntary” overtime.
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Viral Thread: Hilarious 'Service Desk' Job Description Doesn’t Sugar-coat the Reality of the Job’s Duties

Once in a while, something pops up online that is entirely unorthodox and a bit out of left field. This “avant-garde” take on a job interview description is exactly that. A little zany and unacceptable, it has defied our expectations of the performative qualities that a job interview normally offers. You'd usually expect a job interview to tediously lay out all of the things you might expect from a role but in a crap-coated manner of corporate speak that seeks to make light of all the terrible…
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'I can’t afford to pay them': Employee fired and asked to repay $1,100 to employer

This employee was accused of claiming hours they had not worked, with the employer demanding repayment of the supposed wages under the threat of lawsuit. The employee, Reddit user u/disappoint-mint, turned to this popular Reddit subreddit in order to seek advice and share their story. They posted their story to the popular Reddit subreddit r/antiwork in a thread titled “I was fired am being told I need to repay $1,100." This
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Viral Thread: Worker Quits on Second Day After Lies From Interview Are Exposed

This restoration apprentice reported that they left their new role on the second day after they discovered the employer had lied about the working hours during the interview process. They shared their experience on the popular r/antiwork subreddit where it received a lot of attention. “Not fired but berated in public?” remarked mkbloodyen. “Sounds like they are hurting for staff.” “Having worked with a couple of these restoration companies, I have to say, I have never seen a decent one, ever,”…
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Viral Thread: Employee Tries to Take Mental Health Day, Employer Has Terrible Response

Shortly after their posting to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit, screenshots of this request for a "Mental Health" day have gone viral.
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Worker Gets Warning For Using Bathroom, Wants to Sue

This worker got a verbal warning for taking a bathroom break which then led to being served a disciplinary action form for wasting time. They've taken to the popular r/antiwork subreddit with a photo of the post to share their experience and seek advice. Amidst the usual r/antiwork comment menagerie a user claiming to be an employment lawyer, u/Older_Wiser_Maybe responded. “Employment lawyer here: First, Only one of the instances referenced in the disciplinary action has to do with a bathroom b…
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Guy Walks Out of Job Interview After Company Lies on Job Description

This job candidate was quick to turn heel and bolt when it became abundantly clear that the interviewer had been intentionally misleading in their description of the role. The role had been advertised as being remote work when it was actually “hybrid," requiring some attendance to an office space. To top it off, the interviewer even admitted that they had advertised it as such in order to increase the pool of applicants. As I've often described (and recently discussed) job interviews are a perf…
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Internet Users Are Applauding This Worker's Story About Finding a New Role

This viral thread saw readers voicing their support for this worker who managed to find themselves a new role that offered a 30% increase in pay. Their decision to make a change came after their coworkers made clear to them just how valuable of an asset they were to the company. This thread was shared on Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by Redditor u/lolwutRNB. They posted the thread with the title “My employer has been undervaluing me for years and I finally got to see them sweat after putting my…
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Employer Tells New Mother to Submit Her Resignation, She's Not Going Anywhere

The internet is incensed over this viral thread.
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People Are Walking Out of Interviews, Here Are the Top Trending Threads

Interviews go both ways.
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Viral Tweet: Boss Demands Project During Developer's Day Off, Gets Resignation Instead

Workers all over the internet shared their experiences after reading this viral tweet.
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