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Guy Quits on the Spot When Boss Calls Him a Liar, Never Signed the Non-Compete

Redditor and r/antiwork subscriber u/usedallmypowerups posted this story to the popular subreddit today. r/antiwork is a subreddit that has been gaining huge momentum on Reddit as the “Great Resignation" goes into full swing.
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Employee Fires Savagely Devastating Email at Boss After Quitting Mid-Shift

"So incompetent that it would make Neanderthals look intelligent."
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Company Undervalues IT Guy Until He Leaves, Beg Him to Come Back

A lesson in appreciating your employees.
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Guy Prevented From Quitting, Fired After His Notice Period Was Already Over

When u/Tigerdragon180 was working for a large firm as a contractor for the IT department, his experience was one that people often have within a giant, bloated corporate behemoth. The managers were unreliable, the expectations were too high, and the company had an odd culture “That tried to sell more work as being a sign of praise rather than pay you to do the more work." That sounds like something that the owner or CEO thought of one day when they were sitting on the toilet, and all the “Yes M…
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Trending Topic: Worker Gets A New Job, Old Company Counter Offers With Less Pay

"It's a privilege to work here. You should do so for less money." - This Employer Probably
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Director Tries to Leverage Secret Affair With IT Head in Order to Delete Evidence, Backfires Horribly

Taking one in order to avoid taking blame.
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Manager Forces Employee to Change Schedule, Immediately Rues Own Decision

Redditor, u/MisterBowTies , shared this story to the r/maliciouscompliance subreddit this week. When they were working for a physical media chain, they were brought on board to help at a new location. This meant that they were still hiring all roles, so the District Manager hired u/MisterBowTies since the position of his direct report was still vacant. The District Manager hired u/MisterBowTies with the mutual understanding that he would have a narrow window of availability. But that narrow win…
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Employee Denies Karen Service 5 Minutes Before Close, Store Manager Demands Overtime to Help Any and All Customers

She got exactly what she asked for.
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Boss Demands Note After Pregnant Woman Misses One Day, Doctor Writes Note For Two Weeks

Dr. Awesome pulls through.
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Worker Stuck Inside Gate Told By Management That They'll Be There Till Morning

They were only concerned about the cost of the gate. Not worker safety.
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Insane Company Suspends Worker For Not Participating in “Mandatory” Company TikTok

Say “Mandatory Company TikTok” and try to keep a straight face.
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Manufacturing Line Worker Flips the Script on Supervisor

You’ve activated my trap card!
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Boss Makes Employee Work During Lunch Break, Tells Them Not to Eat Off Break

Isn’t that illegal?
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Car Salesman Quits on the Spot When the Owner's Son Tells Him "Do You Know My Last Name"

Talk about a power trip.
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