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25 Rare Insults That Brutalized People In The Most Specific of Ways

That's descriptive.
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Big Brassy Comebacks That Filled People's Pants With Wit

Feel the burn.
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controlling brother in law gets slammed by comeback

Controlling Brother-In-Law Can't Keep Mouth Shut, Gets Publicly Slammed

What a burn.
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Sassy Comebacks That Established Internet Dominance

The internet might be a place full of stupidity, hatred, and ignorance, but it's also a place to witness some people excel at snappy and witty comebacks during a debate or an argument. Seriously, on the internet, people aren't good at things like understanding science, basic math, or reading, but get them a dumb thing to respond to and they'll come with a clapback so hard that the recipient needs to sit down for a while and splash some water on their face. Imgur user DadOnTheInternet posted a w…
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Xavier clever comebacks

The Irreverant and Clever Hot Takes of Xavier

Formerly Pakalu Papito, sort of.
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funny Xavier comebacks and responses

The Hot Takes Of Xavier, The Lord Of Snappy Responses

Where are you, Pakalu Papito?
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Lowballer on craigslist tries to insult seller's intelligence and fails

Seller Won't Fall For BS, Lowballer Gets Weirdly Classist About It

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A collection of clever comebacks from the internet's talented wordsmiths.

Spicy Comebacks That Deflated People's Fragile Egos

A clever comeback can be art.
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A collection of clever comebacks that destroyed their recipients | Can do $250? Only have 100 Then don't need bill counter

Mercilessly Clever Comebacks And Rare Insults

No coming back from these.
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A collection of clever comebacks that hit the spot | Awake @Spacehehehe 28 Aug will never change tolerate. Research #FlatEarth NO CURVE HERE Can agree on 91 27 60 169 ashallowseafish @ashallowsea love flat earthers, because they remind even though failure, there are always people even more disappointing than | said l pretty hesitated second. Why paused second appreciate beauty.

Clever Comebacks That Dismantled Their Recipients

It's an art form, really.
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A collection of clever comebacks from spicy silvertongues | Mikey why are so sad? There's so much goodness world don't know Ava why do have asthma there's so much air world

Radical Retorts From Clever Wordsmiths

Always ready for a good old clever comeback.
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Funny joke insults and comebacks | graystripe: once 4th grade this guy got 2% on his math quiz so everyone called him milk rest year

Confidence-Shattering Comebacks and Insults

People may not be good at math or reading, but man they can burn folks real good.
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A collection of clever comebacks that hit their mark | Moon Pie MoonPie O @MoonPie Buddy 's saturday night and talking marshmallow sandwich on internet Sigurbjörn Lárusson @sigurbjornl Replying MoonPie time is wasted managing social media account

Masterful Comebacks That Held Nothing Back

Never underestimate the power of the written word.
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People describe the best comebacks to insults that they've ever heard | Back2Bach 2d 3 3 Awards "Easy, now don't let brains go head Reply 12.6k

Best Comebacks To Insults People Have Heard

These deserve some gold medals.
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A collection of clever comebacks that destroyed their recipients | Can do $250? 3 min ago Only have 100 15 s ago Then don't need bill counter

Clever Comebacks That Hit The Bullseye

Love a good clever comeback.
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A collection of clever comebacks that sealed the deal | and 2 others liked free ronaldinho yshealthy and go where can't even afford half rent mate Eden @PodierEden 1d day my husband asks pay halves on rent is day pack my bags. Show this thread

Clever Comments That Stuck Their Landing

Too clever for their own good.
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