Eight Times the Rage

windows crash - 8194017536
Created by jc2581

A Well Executed Pub Sign

beer sign windows pub - 8197327616
Via Diarioderuevaldo

Ringing Endorsement

monday thru friday work windows - 8138452480
Via kingkongswong

Windows Wat R U Doin

Funny picture of when Windows goes crazy and makes a staircase for Cinderella to descend from.
Created by Unknown

Monitor Backlight Broken?

computers monitors there I fixed it windows - 7993491200
Created by ciorapel

In Seattle, This is a Very Temporary Fix...

windows cars cardboard tape there I fixed it - 7984983040
Created by dsbdsb

"Let in a Little Fresh Air," They Said...

snow windows winter - 7958670336
Created by Unknown

Fixed That Forking Window

forks there I fixed it windows - 7932013568
Created by oooEMooo

Doesn't That Wall Look Much Better Now?

there I fixed it windows - 7925579776
Via Pleated Jeans

The Kludger's Craigslist

windows cars Kludge duct tape cardboard there I fixed it - 7882396160
Created by SisterSestina

Sometimes You Don't Even Have Duct Tape

windows cars cardboard there I fixed it - 7871290880
Created by Unknown

A Little Higher...Perfect!

windows fans air conditioning there I fixed it - 7877307392
Created by Unknown

Taking a Loo For a Friend

autocorrect chat windows facebook - 7877767168
Created by heyhipster

What Draft?

towels windows cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7865115136
Created by bvolvo19

Who Says Windows Have to Be Transparent?

aluminum foil windows cars there I fixed it - 7835130112
Created by Matt

That's Not Exactly How You Haggle

FAIL windows - 7838027008
Created by rkrowland