That's One Strong Window!

windows glass monday thru friday g rated - 6050017024
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R.I.P. Explorer.exe

windows - 7459814656
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Some Guy Named "Ballmer" Decided to Quit on Us

windows ceo craiglist microsoft - 7769217024
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They Must Go to the Same Auto Body Shop

license plates windows cars funny there I fixed it g rated - 7730336768
Created by Jacques D.

This is Why We All Loved Windows

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So What Else is New?

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The Window Decal to End All Others

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Do Not Power Off While Your PC is Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

PC windows microsoft - 7701705472
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That'll Hold Her

windows cars funny tape - 7684868608
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The BSOD Knows No Mercy

sign windows crash funny bsod - 7652453120
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"Replacing" a Window Generally Means You Remove the Old One First

windows ac air conditioning funny air conditioner - 7623972608
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Facebook Machines

laptops computers PC windows microsoft apple failbook - 7586099200
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No Soda for Me

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Technical Difficulties

windows funny g rated AutocoWrecks - 7511363072
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Hanger on, I'll Open a Window

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Windows, Stop and Take a Few Deep Breaths

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