Workers hanging on a platform outside of a building swing in the wind.

Workers Swinging In High Winds Is Some Scary Junk

Score one for safety harnesses.
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Window cleaners get thrown around by the wind, knocking against the building high up

Unlucky Window Cleaners Have to Ride The Wind

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Big public computer screens and electronic billboard fails | apple store with a screen installed on a wall displaying a windows starting screen | electronic billboard showing a computer's desktop and a folder named cool sign

Very Public Computer Errors

When what should be a road sign is just a desktop background.
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wtf things window washers observed during work

13 Wild Things Window Washers Have Seen Through The Glass

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windows computer - 85743617

This Legitimate Crazy Person is Installing Every Windows Version in One Video

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technology windows smash mouth - 85205249

Someone Recreated Smash Mouth Using Windows XP Sounds, And This Meme Has Officially Reached Its Final Form

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When You Know How to Make Lemons Our of Lemonade Perfectly

funny win sign business broken door is a clever advertisement now
Via RbZzjdk

Woman Sues Microsoft over Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade, and She Just Won $10,000

Via The Seattle Times
FAIL Video Game Coverage windows video games - 80359425

Guy Playing Counter-Strike Is Smacked with a Windows 10 Updates Install Mid-Game and Shows Us What a Crushed Soul Looks Like

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It Was an Easy Breezy Window Installation

FAIL construction windows - 8748792320
By Snake73
FAIL windows live tv Video - 217095

Next Clippy Will Pop Up Offering Help With the 10-Day Forecast

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The View is a Bit Blocked...

FAIL construction windows - 8606472704
By Snake73
windows - 78638849

Teens Struggling With Windows 95 is Hard to Watch

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FAIL windows Stage Video - 78063105

That's a Painful Way to Crash Some Cymbals

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FAIL planes windows broken Video - 77215745

Need to Break All Your Government Building Windows? That's a Job For the Brazilian Air Force!

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whoops FAIL birds windows Video rescue - 74363649

The Circle of Life is Cruel

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