Best Wingman EVER

nature whale wingman beautiful dating fails - 7132557568
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rescue whale Video random act of kindness g rated win - 47778817

This Whale Shark is Happy for the Help

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Swimming With the Whales WIN

nature photography whale ocean - 7062319872
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Classic: That Strange Dr. Beekle's Ocean Facts

whale ocean - 7058854656
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Whale Doesn't Take Nonsense From Anybody

iPhones whale emojis - 6991906304
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Fancy Whales Solve Everything

fancy physics whale wrong test g rated School of FAIL - 6698644992
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So Majestic!

whale emoticon iphone - 6773255680
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Moby Dick IRL WIN

news whale - 6773243904
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Mustache Comb WIN

mustache comb design whale cute - 6760659968
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What ARE Friends For?

spanish pick-up lines whale - 6642234624
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Flying Whale WIN

balloon cute design flying whale - 6619908352
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That Escalated Quickly

clever that escalated quickly whale - 6532540672
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CLASSIC: Meeting a Whale WIN

ocean photography scuba diving whale - 6514704896
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animals pretty colors rainbow Video whale - 39143937

Blowing a Rainbow WIN

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Well Damn Now They're All Staring At Me Weird...

Hall of Fame iPhones Ireland whale - 6352062976
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Food Art WIN

cucumber cute food whale - 6284252416
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