Man survives getting eaten by a whale, and then proceeds to answer everyone's questions in a viral thread.

Man Survives Getting Eaten By Whale, Answers Internet's Questions

Dude should write a book or something.
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Whale shows up just as BBC host casts doubt about if there will be whales out

Whale Surprises Host with Perfect Timing

Couldn't have been more on the mark.
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awesome nature sperm whale encounter

Research Vessel Encounters Massive Sperm Whale, They Lose It

Wonder what the whale was thinking.
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kayak gets swallowed by a whale

Kayakers Briefly Swallowed By Whale

Whale was hungry.
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cute beluga whale returning a phone that fell in the water

Man Drops Phone, Whale Takes Care Of Business

Homie move.
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Twitter thread on whale explosion is lesson in listening to experts when it comes to coronavirus | Doncaster Council Doncaster Council @MyDoncaster November 1970, officials Oregon, USA decided blow up rotting whale carcass whole thing went horribly wrong. Why do bring this up? Well, this story can teach us 3 things about #coronavirus

Whale Explosion Thread is a Lesson in Listening to Experts

Don't explode a whale and listen to smart people who tell you not to.
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Woman sparks outrage over her insensitive picture on top of a beached whale.

Woman Incites Outrage Over Insensitive Pic Of Beached Whale

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push ups whale Video - 82582273

When You're Trying to Do Push Ups on a Kayak and a Humpback Whale Ruins Your Shot

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mother nature ftw whale ocean boat Video win - 82321665

Watch a Curious Humpback Whale Get Up Close and Personal With a Tour Boat

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whale surprise whoa boat Video - 81848577

Giant Whale Almost Swallows an Entire Boat Full of Tourists

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whale Video - 79961089

Watch a Humpback Whale Surface Right Next to the Pier

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twitter seattle whale Video rainbow - 493060

A Magical Whale Rainbow Was Spotted in Seattle

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nature whale kayak Video - 74281729

This is One Humpback Whale That is Over Whale-Watching Tourists

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FAIL whale TV Video - 73651969

A Blue Whale Interrupts This TV Presenter Moaning About Not Being Able to Spot Any Blue Whales

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mother nature ftw whale Video win boats - 73239297

This Alaskian Whale Watching Tour Witnessed a Pod of Transient Killer Whales Attacking Sea Lions

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finding nemo gifs Hall of Fame iphone whale whale - 5467852544
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